All companies except the last are 'out of the box'.

Since most companies offer discounts for longer contracts, and since most websites need to be up for more than a month, all prices in this table are what you'd spend for 1 (one) year of service.

  All in one / Out of the Box Hosted Wordpress * A little bit of work for total control
These are options to buy web hosting, a little slice of the internet you control yourself. Installing free software like Wordpress or Expression Engine then gives you access to design templates and the rest of what you get from an all-in-one site.
  Squarespace Weebly Wix Wordpress GoDaddy GoDaddy 1 and 1
"Just a website"
(a nice looking template, and control of your content)
$96 free free
(has ads)
(has ads)
$12.18 $75.48 $35.88
just a website + domain $96 $48.00 $48.96
(has ads)
$13 $12.18 $75.48 $35.88
Website, full design control, and a domain name of your very own- Say what you want, and make it look how you want $96 $48.00 $48.96 w/ ads
XXX w/o
$43.00 $12.18
(customization limited)
$75.48 $35.88
Customizable website, domain name, email $96 $48.00   $43.00
(email with domain)
$60.06 $123.36 $35.88
Website, domain name, email, web shop $96 (1 product)
$192 (up to 20 products)
$288 (unlimited)
$300.00 $194.04        
Special notes         Private registration extra   You'll have to install Wordpress yourself, but that's easy with its Famous Five Minute Install